To provide philanthropy and donations among underprivileged people in the society should be the aim of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – PM Parsad, CMD CCL

Ranchi: First Day of two-day-long Re-engineering Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Conference organised at Darbhanga House in Central Coalfields Limited in Ranchi on Tuesday, April 25, 2023.

Vinay Ranjay, Director Personnel, Coal India along with Nirupama Kotrey inaugurated CSR Conference with the kindling of a ceremonial lamp.

CCL CMD PM Prasad said while addressing dignitaries at CSR Conference that “What to do for society, Circular Economy and Inclusive Growth is the main challenge of Company”.

Last year we spent 500 Crore Rupees on CSR.

We built 1500 Bed COVID Hospital at Bhuvneshwar in 2020.

“Mini Oxygen Plant facility in 8 to 10 districts is the bon marrow initiative of CCL,” PM Prasad added.

5000 seats World Class Library will be constructed in Ranchi, we have discussed with Chief Secretary Sukhdeo Singh.

“One hospital for employees of CCL and for the Public will be constructed,” CMD CCL Said.

Mahanagar Coal Limited was awarded for remarkable rural development at the national level last year.

Director Personnel at Coal India Vinay Ranjan said that “It’s the right time to brainstorm, we are planning for our role in next 10 years.”

We should look at 3 W’s –

1. Who – Who is looking for CSR, however, we invest 80 % Budget on Public Welfare activities.

2. Where – Where in terms of geographical area, where to spent money.

3. What – What is the area 14-15 Areas of CSR.

Nirupama Kotrey, Joint Secretary at the Ministry of Coal said “There is need of Economic, Social and environmental responsibility.”

It’s state responsibility to provide basic needs like Education and Health.

How to transform life of a child in critical investment and how to respond is the main aim of CSR.

“CSR is the concept of Western Philosophy,” Nirupama Kotrey added.

In 1971 Concept of CSR among business houses emerged in India.

“Whenever you feel doubts about donations, remember Mahatma Gandhi,” said Nirupma Kotrey.

“Gandhi Ji’s Philosophy about Wealth Creation is remarkable,” Nirupama Kotrey added.

“Wealthy Business Tycoons like Tata and Birla have great CSR investment in the society, they developed scientific institution like Schools, Hospital, Museums,” Said Nirupma Kotrey.

CSR is about Transparency.

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