To contest assembly elections by staying in NDA folder – Sudesh Mahato

Ranchi: AJSU supremo Sudesh Mahato said on Monday that people have different moods in Lok Sabha and Assembly elections.

The Panchayat, Assembly and Lok Sabha all have different points of view.

The opposition spread the lie of changing the Constitution and ending reservation after NDA’s victory.

Whereas its big leader said on the same soil of Jharkhand that as long as he is breathing, no one can change the Constitution.

Sudesh Mahato talked about contesting the upcoming assembly elections and reiterated to remain in the NDA folder.

Sudesh said that this is the farewell year of this government. His commitments and claims have proved to be hollow.

While leaving, the government is busy making fun again.

She has only been doing politics regarding planning policy and displacement.

There was talk of coming up with a proposal for reservation for OBCs.

Now the commission related to this has sent the proposal of 27 percent reservation to the state government.

All this is happening without any data. We stood with the government on reservation, Sarna Dharma Code and other issues, but the government kept misleading us.

The greater the population, the greater the participation.

Not a single SC is available for any minister in this government.\

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