There is a legal hurdle in Kalpana Soren becoming MLA – Babulal Marandi

Dumka : BJP state president Babulal Marandi has targeted CM Hemant Soren. He said that there is a legal hurdle in Kalpana Soren becoming MLA. He was speaking in a press conference organized at Dumka Parishad on Tuesday.

He said that if CM Hemant wants to make Kalpana Soren the Chief Minister, then he will make a big mistake. If such a proposal comes forward, BJP will meet the Governor and demand that any action be taken on this issue only after taking legal advice.

Citing the decision of the Maharashtra High Court, he said that in a state where one year is left for the assembly elections and in such a situation, if any assembly seat is vacant, then elections cannot be held there. The CM has realized that he is going to go to jail in a few days. That is why he is taking such steps.

Babulal Marandi said that people close to power are lodged in Hotwar jail. Whose job has been to do transfer posting and contract management? Now they are carrying out such work even from jail. He said that today Yogendra Tiwari is in jail.

The plot in Hemant Soren’s residential complex in Lakhikundi, Dumka is in the name of Yogendra Tiwari. Babulal Marandi has tweeted and said that the government of Jharkhand is being run from jails. Chief Minister Hemant Soren has close relations with the hardened criminals sitting in jail.

The work ranging from transfer-posting of officers to tender management is also being done from jails, and in the name of investigation, only whitewashing is being done by forming a commission.

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