The tastiest slices around town!

New Delhi (IANSlife) Pizza is considered as one of the most loved and comfort foods for all age groups. Come February 9th, as the nation celebrates National Pizza Day, all your pizza lovers can indulge in some delicious Pizzas around the town!

National Pizza Day is your chance to forget the diet and embrace the dough. From truffle dreams to veggie fiestas, there’s a slice out there calling your name. Grab your squad, grab your appetite, and strap in, because we’re about to embark on a dough-licious adventure around the city’s tastiest slices.

Cray Craft, Andheri

At Cray Craft, the vibe is chill, the tunes are smooth, and the pizzas are gourmet masterpieces. This National Pizza Day, savour the unique flavours of truffle oil and earthy mushrooms in their Shroom & Truffle Pizza or revel in the creamy salsa toppings on the Smokey Malai Chicken pizza. Don’t settle for mediocre pizza – come indulge in our delicious, one-of-a-kind gourmet creations at Cray Craft.

Dough Bros Pizza, Juhu

Dough Bros Pizza is all about quick bites and fiery cravings. Don’t miss out on their Truffle Fungi Pizza, a whisper of luxury, while the Spicy Chicken Pepperoni Pizza cranks the heat up like a Bollywood action sequence, with chilli oil, jalapenos, and enough flavour to make your taste buds do the Bhangra.

Baliboo, Goregaon

Baliboo whisks you away to a tropical paradise with pizzas that taste like sunshine and palm trees. Wild Mushroom is a medley of textures, drizzled with truffle oil like liquid gold, while Pepperoni gets a beachy makeover with chicken bacon and a sweet-spicy honey chilli oil drizzle. It’s pizza with a passport stamp.

Si Nonna’s, Kamala Mills

This National Pizza Day, Si Nonna’s, India’s first sourdough pizzeria, keeps things classic with Napoli – the OG Neapolitan pizza that’s pure simplicity on a wood-fired canvas. But if you’re feeling fancy, dive into the Chicken and Pesto Sourdough, where tangy crust, juicy chicken, and aromatic basil create a flavour symphony that’ll have you humming opera in the streets.

Koa, Juhu

Koa throws a vegetarian fiesta with pizzas that explode like Holi colours on your palate. This National Pizza Day, grab a slice from their Fire Roasted Texas Vegetable Pizza, a veggie inferno of bell peppers, zucchini, and arugula, or the Thai Chicken Pizza, that brings the Southeast Asian party with spicy peanut sauce and cilantro. It’s like a global food truck on a pizza crust, people!

Millo, Lower Parel

Forget boring salads, this National Pizza Day, embrace the veggie power at Millo! The Pesto reigns supreme in their Genovese Pizza, with sun-dried tomatoes and tangy feta adding sun-kissed brightness. But for an earthy dance, the Mushroom Fiesta takes centre stage – wild mushrooms pirouette with peppery rucola, the whole thing finished with a vibrant gremolata flourish.

Aglio, Khar

Aglio keeps things casual with New York-style pizzas that taste like your coolest Brooklyn cousin made them. SHROOMS is a classic slice with sauteed mushrooms and fresh basil, while The Tuscan throws a pesto party with spiced chicken, onion, and cherry tomatoes. It’s pizza for the neighbourhood crew, served with high fives and laughter.

Amazonia, BKC

Get ready to channel your inner movie star because Amazonia’s “Trip To Hollywood” pizza is serving serious red-carpet vibes. Imagine this: a sun-kissed canvas of smoked cherry tomato sauce, adorned with a cast of sautéed mushrooms, juicy chicken, and Italian sausages. Salami Milano struts in like a seasoned pro, adding a touch of sophisticated spice. It’s a pizza with plot twists and delicious detours, a true National Pizza Day blockbuster!

The Pantry – Goodness Delivered (Prabhadevi to Fort) – Only deliveries via Swiggy and Zomato

Forget the guilt and indulge in goodness on National Pizza Day with The Pantry’s guilt-free pizzas! Whether you crave vegan, gluten-free, keto, or classic flavors, they have a pie to tantalize your taste buds. Savor the creamy “Vegan Delight” with cashew cheese and mashed avocado, or dive into the “Flower Power” on a cauliflower crust bursting with veggies. Spice things up with the “Arabian Rooster” featuring za’atar chicken and ricotta, or go keto-friendly with the “Smoky Pepperoni” on a mozzarella and cheddar cheese base. With The Pantry, you can celebrate National Pizza Day without compromising on health or flavour!

The BlueBop Cafe, Khar

And finally, at The BlueBop Cafe, an award-winning, all-day restaurant that seamlessly blends Italian and American cuisine. Indulge in the Burrata & Truffle Sourdough Pizza, which is pure luxury in every bite, or try the Smoked Chicken & Pesto Pizza, featuring a tangy pesto base that will tantalise your taste buds. Don’t miss out on this incredible dining experience!

With diverse options of pizzas available, there is something for everyone to look forward to.

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