The post of SP City South and SP City North will be created in Ranchi

Ranchi: Two posts of City SP will be created in Ranchi. In which there will be the post of SP City South and SP City North.

At the same time, the area of Namkum Police Station, Tatisilwai Police Station, Kanke Police Station and Nagdi Police Station will be brought under City SP from the area of Rural SP.

Apart from this, along with ASP Law and Order, there will also be a new post of DSP Dhruva or Secretariat DSP.

Dhurva police station and Tupudana police station will come inside them.

Along with this, he will be responsible for the security of the secretariat area. In this regard, Ranchi SSP Kishore Kaushal has sent a report to the police headquarters.

Jagannathpur, Pundag, Argora, Airport and Doranda police stations will remain inside Hatia DSP.

Apart from this, a zone inspector will be placed in the Khelgaon and BIT Mesra area.

Khelgaon, Tupudana, BIT Mesra, Tupudana OP, Pundag OP, Airport OP will also be made police stations. There are many old police stations in the capital.

Kotwali, Sadar, Hindpiri, Lower Bazar, Doranda, Sukhdevnagar, Bariatu, Dhurva and Jagannathpur.

When these police stations were built, the situation of population and area was different at that time.

Now according to the population, there is very less police force here.

That’s why the number of police forces will be increased in these police stations.

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