The command of anti-Naxal operation will be in the hands of IRB soldiers

Ranchi: The command of anti-Naxal operations will be in the hands of IRB soldiers. IRB personnel will be deployed instead of CRPF in the Naxal operation on the Jharkhand-Bihar border. IRB personnel will be deployed in the Palamu area adjacent to Bihar.

An order in this regard has been issued by the police headquarters. After two decades, IRB will lead the anti-Naxal operation in place of CRPF on the Bihar border. Seven companies of the CRPF 134 battalion were deployed in Palamu. 

Apart from this, it was deployed on the Palamu, Chatra, and Latehar borders. Apart from two places on the Bihar border, CRPF companies have been removed everywhere.

IRB contingent will soon be deployed in Palamu. The headquarters of IRB and JAP is in Lesliganj of Palamu. 134 battalion of CRPF is being closed in Palamu. CRPF 134 battalion from Palamu is being shifted to the Saranda area.

For the first time in 1995-96, two companies of CRPF had reached Palamu for anti-Naxal operation. The entire battalion was deployed for the first time in the year 2003-04. At that time the 13th Battalion was deployed. The 134th Battalion of CRPF was deployed in the year 2010-11.

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