Team led by Agriculture Minister visits Kerala Agricultural University

Ranchi: Jharkhand’s Agriculture Animal Husbandry Cooperative Minister Badal along with his departmental secretary Abu Bakar Siddique went to Thrissur where he visited Kerala Agricultural University.

During the visit, the officials of the entire university including the dean were present and he saw the use of new technology in the field of agriculture. Badal also went to the Agri-Business Center, where he was also detailed on various innovative techniques by the Kerala Agricultural University, in which the in-charge of the center said that by processing various fruits and vegetables produced in Kerala with the help of new technology, value can be added.

Processed products are being prepared and made available in the market with additions, due to which the income of the farmers is increasing. Further, a visit was made to the Agricultural Research Institute operated under the university, where the preparation of spices and other agricultural products is being done with new technology was seen after which the minister also went to see the farm mechanization under the university,

Badal said that Kerala University is one of the leading universities in the country in the field of agriculture. If needed, the Jharkhand government will also take the help of the new technology here, not only this, we will also do the work of training the farmers there in the same way. 

This school has been formed in 1972. The university is located on 1200 acres of land apart from the agricultural college, seven agricultural science centers and 15 agricultural research institutes are operating inside it.

Agriculture Director Chandan Kumar, Deputy Director Gavya Manoj Tiwari and officials of the Fisheries Department were also present during the visit.

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