Suspicious death case of youth in Utpad Bhawan, Tribal organizations blocked Lalpur Chowk, traffic was disrupted for four hours

Ranchi:  Various organizations of the tribal community blocked Lalpur Chowk on Wednesday in connection with the suspicious death of a youth in the Excise Department office.

People of various tribal organizations protested in Lalpur Chowk from 9 am and demanded the arrest of Nitish Lohra’s killer.

Due to the protest, the road remained blocked for about four hours.

Vehicles kept crawling from Lalpur Chowk to Jail Chowk, Kokar Road, Dangra Toli Road and Albert Ekka Chowk.

However, the ambulance was kept free from jam.

On receiving information about road blockage, City DSP Deepak Kumar and police station in-charge reached Lalpur Chowk and tried to clear the jam by persuading the people.

But people of tribal organizations did not agree.

After this, City SP Rajkumar Mehta reached there and talked to the protesting people.

City SP assured a compensation of Rs 3 lakh to the family of Nitish Lohra.

He also said that Lohra’s death should be investigated.

After this, at 1.30 the protesters retreated and ended the demonstration.

On January 7 also, the family members had blocked Lalpur Chowk with the dead body of Nitish Lohra and were demanding justice from the administration and the government.

Nitesh Lohra’s sister Prabha Lohra accused the excise department and said that the body was sent to Sadar Hospital without waiting for the family members.

Rajesh Linda said that the Excise Department is working to lift the poor families of the tribal community from their homes.

Instead of arresting the liquor maker, the departments arrest the drinker and demand a huge amount. If they don’t pay, they are locked up in jail.

If the excise department continues to have the same attitude then they will not be allowed to enter the village.

Central Sarna Committee President Ajay Tirkey, Adivasi Jan Parishad President Premshahi Munda, Adivasi Lohra Samaj President Abhay Bhutkunwar, Jai Adivasi Samaj President Niranjana Herenj, Munna Toppo, Kundarsi Munda and others were present among the protesters.

The Excise Department team had arrested five people including Nitish Lohra on January 6.

After collecting fine from four people, they were released.

But Nitesh was locked in the confines of Utpad Bhawan. Allegedly, Nitish Lohra had committed suicide on the evening of January 6 by hanging himself from the hook in the toilet bathroom of Utpad Bhavan.

The officials of the Excise Department hurriedly took Nitish Lohra to Sadar Hospital, where the doctors declared him dead.

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