State Govt soon to proceed to formulate a local policy on the basis of the Khatiyan of 1932: Hemant

Ranchi: Jharkhand Chief Minister said that the State Government was going to proceed very quickly to formulate a local policy on the basis of the Khatiyan of 1932. He said that the government is also concerned about drought, the situation is not good in many districts due to scanty rainfall, better planning will be done for these areas after review.

Hemant Soren said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is fighting with half the states of the country, in such a situation how the country will develop it can be understood. Today 90 percent of drugs are being smuggled through Adani’s port, but what action is being taken everyone is watching this.

Referring to the victim of Dumka, the Chief Minister said that the BJP leaders reaches to distribute money by plane and jet and asks the government why the victim was not rescued by the state government despite her critical condition but they have so much money, then they should tell that so far how many works has been done of lifting the patients from air ambulance for better treatment whereas the state government is trying to save the lives of all whether common citizens and even criminals.

He said that an acid victim from Chatra was sent to Delhi by air ambulance, a seriously injured youth was also sent to Delhi, even a serious BJP MLA was sent out for better treatment by the state government. Hemant Soren said that an internal survey has been done by the BJP in which they have come to know that in the year 2024 they will be wiped out so now they are engaged in horse-trading. 

He alleged that there was an attempt to horse-trade the MLAs of Jharkhand in which the name of the Chief Minister of Assam came up, but when the police of West Bengal went to Delhi and Assam for investigation, they did not cooperate in the investigation. Even in the Northeast, the police of two states got crowded, today an attempt is being made to win the elections by creating a situation of civil war in the whole country but their plan will not be successful.

The Chief Minister said that in his Office of Profit case, the Election Commission of India has already submitted its decision on August 25, but in this state such situations have been created by the Election Commission and the Governor. The Election Commission says that the Governor has been informed about the decision, and when the UPA delegation meets the governor says that he is considering the matter and after that he leaves the Raj Bhawan through the back door and sits down in Delhi. 

Now an attempt is being made to intimidate the MLAs and horse-trading he said adding that is why the vote of confidence had to be moved. Today, there is a smile on the faces of government employees, assistant police personnel, para workers, Anganwadi workers and para workers Hemant Soren said adding that he is the son of the Andolankari Shibu Soren and neither he is afraid or intimidated by such an attempts.

He said the BJP leaders are engrossed in the arrogance of the central government, they are thinking that they will do whatever they want, but they will not give it. He also said that BJP MLA Samri Lal becomes MLA by bringing a fake caste certificate from another state, but no decision is being taken on the issue of his membership.

Taking a jibe at BJP Legislature Party leader Babulal Marandi Hemant Soren said that after the 2014 assembly elections, he himself used to say that BJP has bought his MLAs but now the way Babulal is faster changing than a chameleon. Tribals and local people have to face difficulties only because of the leaders of such character as they want to keep laddus in their hands. He should tell why the local policy was not made on the basis of Khatiyan of 1932, why CNT-SPT Act was mentioned, in whose tenure OBC reservation has been reduced.

Hemant Soren said that there are many faces of gimmicks in the opposition and it is difficult to identify them as they are given training in the branches. Out of these, 2-3 MLAs have also been accused of being sold in the past. Their face is frightening, scary and cruel, it is difficult to recognize them, but if their bail is saved in the next election then it will be a big deal. They will get the answer only in the Lok Sabha elections before the 2024 assembly elections. 

He said that he would work to crush the BJP on the basis of his work and achievements. On behalf of the opposition, BJP’s Neelkanth Singh Munda said that the government does not have faith in its own MLAs. For this reason a motion of no confidence has been brought in the House.

Sudesh Mahto of AJSU Party said that today the ruling coalition has the majority, but it is not show but the BJP MLAs walked out of the house during the voting. Along with him, two MLAs of the AJSU party and two independent MLAs also walked out of the house. After which the Speaker announced the adjournment of the proceedings of the House indefinitely, declaring that the vote of confidence
was passed with 48 votes in favor of the vote of confidence and zero votes against it.  

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