State government should bring a legally justified recruitment policy – Babulal Marandi

Dumka: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Legislature Party leader and former Chief Minister Babulal Marandi has demanded that the state government should implement the recruitment policy as soon as possible, otherwise the
BJP will protest on the road.

Addressing a press conference organized at the circuit house he said that the development work has come to a standstill in the whole of Jharkhand. He recalled that the parties in government had announced that they would give employment or unemployment allowance to the people but they did not do any such thing. Industries have come to a standstill in the state.

He said that till now the state government has not done the work of providing employment or job creation, but the vacancies that had come out were also cancelled. In such a situation, it is  necessary that the planning policy should be announced here as soon as possible.

He said that government hires big lawyers at government expense to avoid corruption, then with the advice of these lawyers, make a legal recruitment policy and put it on the ground but if this does not happen, BJP will come on the streets and agitate.

Giving some advice to the state government for employment generation he said that by simplifying the process of lease of stone mines, give lease to the local people and land owners by which many people can be given work. Along with this, balu ghats have not being auctioned for.

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