State Coordination Committee submitted memorandum to Raj Bhawan : Constitution ignored in returning the bill, send the bills again

Ranchi: The members of the State Coordination Committee went to the Raj Bhavan on Sunday and handed over the memorandum regarding the return of the passed bill from the Raj Bhavan.

Vinod Kumar Pandey, Rajesh Thakur, Bandhu Tirkey, Fagu Besra and Yogendra Prasad were present on behalf of the coordination committee. In the memorandum handed over, the Raj Bhavan was told by the coordination committee that the constitution has been ignored in returning the bill. 

The coordination committee said that the state government passed three important bills from the assembly and sent them to Rajbhar to protect the rights of tribals and natives of the state and to maintain Jharkhandi identity, but the Governor’s Secretariat raised objections on some points. These were returned to the government.

While returning the bill from the Raj Bhavan, it was not told what kind of objection was there in these Bills. By not doing so, Article 200 of the Constitution has been ignored by the Raj Bhavan Secretariat. 

The members of the coordination committee along with the memorandum also handed over the note given in the form of a letter by former Governor Syed Shibte Razi and Draupadi Murmu along with the returned bills to the Raj Bhavan Secretariat. It was told on behalf of the coordination committee that the then-governor had stated his objection pointwise when the bills were returned earlier.

On behalf of the committee, the Raj Bhavan has been urged to return the three bills again according to what has been said under Article 200 of the Constitution, so that the government passes these three MLAs again from the assembly and sends them to the Raj Bhavan for approval. 

In its memorandum, the coordination committee has said that the state government wants to pass these MLAs again in the Vidhansabha and make them law in the interest of tribal, dalit, backward and minority communities. In such a situation, if needed, the government can also call a special session of the assembly.

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