Solving all the problems of the people is Government’s priority: Hemant Soren

Ranchi: A gratitude ceremony was organized by the Jharkhand Administrative Services Association in the auditorium of the project building towards Chief Minister Hemant Soren for his decision to implement the old pension scheme. During the function, the Jharkhand Administrative Service Association expressed its gratitude to the Chief Minister while congratulating the Chief Minister for the decision of the State Government to implement the old pension scheme.

In his address on the occasion, the Chief Minister said that for a long time the demand for old pensions was being raised by government employees not only in Jharkhand but all over the country. He said that the state government has given the gift of old pension scheme to the government employees of Jharkhand as pension is considered support for old age. However, due to some reasons, the support in the form of pension were snatched from the government employees but his government has done the work of giving that scheme to the employees.

The Chief Minister said that after joining the government job, the employees have hopes and expectations for certain things and the state government is working with commitment to provide facilities as per their aspirations. Our government is working continuously for how to make the administrative structures strong and effective and their role is important in taking the developmental schemes of the state government to the grassroots level, he said.

The Chief Minister said that the work of filling the vacancies of manpower in various departments is being done at a fast pace. He said that it was seen that in the last few years only 10 percent to 15 percent of manpower is working in many government offices.

A committee was also formed by the state government for administrative reforms, the report of which has come to the state government he said adding that the State Government is also taking many decisions based on the experience of the daily routine of working. He said that he as happy as the employees as on the restoration of the old pension scheme.

The Chief Minister said that power comes and goes but he believed that the systems should be strong and better. All of the employees should work fearlessly and with high morale he said adding that many times there are complaints that files get stuck in the offices. He said that all government servants should take care that there is no unnecessary delay in the movement of files so that complaints related to file movement are not received and they should discharge their responsibilities with utmost sincerity and honesty. 

He said that his government does not impose any restrictions on IAS, IPS or any officer and whatever work is for the public interest and is right they must do it. The Chief Minister said that many states in the country are progressing at a fast pace from the point of view of development therefore the officers of Jharkhand should also visit those states and do the work of adopting or following good working style. 

The Chief Minister said that some demands have been placed before him by the Jharkhand Administrative Service Association. He assured them whatever comes to his notice will be positively considered one by one as per rules. The Chief Minister said that the state government would provide accommodation to the officers posted at the district and block level, just as arrangements are made for the IAS-IPS to stay in the circuit house etc.

Those officers in the state who want to pursue further studies for better education, will also get salary for the period of their education and financial assistance for taking education the Chief Minister said adding that there is no shortage in this state ans if they have a strong will, everything can be arranged. 

The Chief Minister told the officials that the State Government has done the work of implementing the Universal Pension Scheme in Jharkhand under social security. The role of all officials is important in the complete implementation of this scheme he said and added that the officials should work to connect the eligible people who come under the purview of Sarvajan Pension Yojana in the state. All of the officers should set the target that no one eligible beneficiary should be deprived of the benefits of Sarvajan Pension Yojana he suggested.

On the occasion, Minister of Rural Development Department Aalamgir Alam, Secretary to Chief Minister Vinay Kumar Choubey, President of Jharkhand Administrative Service Association Ram Kumar Sinha, Secretary Balkishun Munda and a large number of Jharkhand Administrative Service officials were present.  

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