Social distancing, lockdown set aside in Ranchi as people protest burial of Coronavirus patient

Ranchi: The norms of lockdown and social distancing were set aside in the state capital as people came onto the streets protesting against the burial of a man in the local ‘Kabristaan’ who had died due to Coronavirus earlier during the day.
Locals in large numbers including men and women came out on the Ratu Road protesting against the burial of the man hailing from Hindpiri who had died in RIMS due to Coronavirus at the burial ground located in Ratu Road of the state capital.
However, the police and the local administration had not brought the body along with them and had only come to look into the arrangements.
The team had earlier gone to the Burial Ground located at Joda Talaab of Bariyatu where too it had to witness the protest of the locals. The police tried to make the people understand but they did not pay heed to their arguments after which the policemen reached at Ratu Raod Kabristaan.
At Ratu Road also the people in large numbers came out on the roads. The people argued that if the body is buried here than there was chances of Coronavirus spreading in the area and demanded that the body be buried outside the city.
The police and administrative authorities tried to convince the people who did not relent on their demand after which police agreed not to bury the body at that spot. The people only went inside only after all the four gates of the Kabristaan were sealed.

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