Six injured in an accident after auto overturned

Giridih: Six people were seriously injured when an auto overturned near Jalkhariodih village of Deori police station area on the Chatro-Jamua main road in Giridih district. After the incident, all the injured were sent to the hospital for treatment.

According to Sources, all the injured residents of Ghaskaridih village, Wazir Turi, Genu Turi, Kali Rai, Kesho Rajwar, Ashok Turi, Lalit Turi were going to Devpahari village in the Deori police station area to work as laborers in an auto on Monday morning.

In the same sequence, while saving cattle near Jalkhariodih village, the auto lost its balance. Due to which the auto overturned on the road. Due to this everyone got seriously injured. Later, all the injured were hurriedly taken to the hospital by ambulance. Where everyone is undergoing treatment. 

In view of the serious condition, Wazir Turi has been referred to Giridih Sadar Hospital for better treatment.

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