Seven cyber criminals arrested in Giridih

Ranchi: Giridih Police is using technology to curb cybercrime.

Giridih Police is also getting many big successes.

On Saturday, on the instructions of SP Deepak Kumar Sharma, cyber police once again succeeded in arresting seven criminals.

In this, five criminals are Prakash Gupta, resident of Barbad village of Madhupur police station area of Deoghar district, Sameer Ansari, resident of Marni village of Margaemunda police station area, Sajid and Javed Ansari, residents of Barbad village along with Ajit Yadav, resident of Manjori village of Sarwa police station area and Ahilyapur police station area of Giridih.

Sanjeet Sahu, resident of Singhpur village and Kundan Verma, resident of Sonbad village of Bengabad police station area.

Police have recovered 9 mobiles, 12 SIM cards, two bikes and many other items from the arrested criminals.

Which was used by all the criminals for cybercrimes.

While giving information in a press conference on Saturday, SP Deepak Kumar Sharma said that in order to cheat, Tata Corporate Card holders used to cheat by extracting their details online.

The team included Cyber DSP Sandeep Suman Samdarshi, Cyber Station Incharge Ajay Kumar, Puani Shyam Babu Rathore, Roshan Kumar, Sawan Kumar Sahu, Sanjay Mukhiyar, Gajendra Kumar, Saket Verma, Saurabh Suman, Ashutosh Ranjan.

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