Say bye to overnight mensuration leakages

New Delhi (IANSlife) Periods should never an impediment to any woman’s progress, believes Kotex. It seeks to assist and encourage young girls and women as they work to establish a new world order. The brand is relaunching a breakthrough innovation that provides unparalleled period protection on heavy flow nights, the Kotex Overnight Period Panties.

With more information being disseminated today and a concerted effort to move it out of the ‘taboo to talk about’ category, period management is becoming a topic of growing interest. Keeping in mind women’s daily struggles, the brand believes that women can perform whether they are on their periods or not. According to its research in India, Kotex Overnight Period Panties provides 360-degree protection for heavy flow period nights and protection for anxiety-free and restful sleep.

Tanuja Bhat, Sr. Executive Creative Director, Ogilvy India says: “In a world that says that girls should be back home before night sets in, Kotex as a brand believes that confident, young girls can proclaim, ‘I own the night, I am the change’ and freely do as they please; be a professional gamer, a hula hooper, a night rider or simply take a rest night. The brand launch campaign challenges society’s regressive mindset and gives girls a powerful statement, an anthem that captures their unstoppable spirit as they set out into the world. The innovative product, Kotex Overnight Period Panties, challenges traditional formats and offers modern, superior period protection. Together, they bring alive the Kotex belief that ‘Periods should not come in the way of a woman’s progress’.”

Ms. Saakshi Verma Menon, Marketing Director, Kimberly-Clark India said: “As a brand, Kotex strives to work towards a world where a period never stands in the way of a girl’s progress. The Indian girl today, understands that periods are a natural process and openly wants to challenge any taboos or pre-existing negative biases that exist around it. We relaunch Kotex in India with the innovative and convenient Overnight Period Panties. As a woman I can vouch for how life changing this product is and I am thrilled to be able to launch this for the women in this country. Kotex overnight period panties offer women an unparalleled experience of a 360 degree leak free protection. For decades, women have been held back at night and periods have been a yet another reason for it . With the launch of this product, we encourage women to not let their period hold them back so they can own the night, in whatever way they choose to.”

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