Sarna followers perform Asadhi Puja for good rainfall

Ranchi: As part of their ancient tradition the followers of Sarna religion on Sunday performed the Asadhi Puja for good rainfall.

In the temple of Goddess Parvati located at karamtoli Chowk and Budha Mahadev temple at Hathma with full rituals, the pooja was performed in which hundreds of women and men participated.

The woman clad in their traditional tribal attire reached the temple where the rituals were performed by the chief pahan. For participating in the rituals the men and women had observed a fast.

As per the tradition, a goat was sacrificed by the pahan following which the people who had they are wishes fulfilled they also performed the sacrifices after which it was distributed among the people and the remainder was served as a community prasad and distributed among the people.

Chief pahan Jag Lal said that this tradition has been part of the tribal community since ages and is celebrated when the month of Asad commences by the means of which the people pray for good rainfall so that they can have a good farming season and even pray to ward off their localities from various diseases.

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