Sarna Dharam Code Rally held at Morhabadi Grounds, Salkhan Murmu said – ‘If you don’t listen then we to call Bharat Bandh on 30th December’

Ranchi: Tribals gathered in a Jan Sabha or public meeting organized at Morhabadi Maidan on Wednesday under the banner of Adivasi Sengel Abhiyan demanding Sarna Dharma Code. National President of Sengel Abhiyan Salkhan Murmu said that BJP is forcibly converting the tribals into Hindus.

Educated people are also keeping silent on Sarna Dharma Code, if they do not listen to us in this Sarna Dharma Code public meeting then Bharat Bandh will be called on 30th December. The movement will continue until the tribals get religious identity. 

State Chief Minister Hemant Soren should also protest to get a separate Sarna religion code for the tribals. Tribals need to be mobilized across the country. Tribal people are being forcibly converted into Hindus, Muslims and Christians.

The Prime Minister is definitely announcing the Sarna Dharma Code on 15th November. Sarna Dharma Code will try to unite all the tribals. He said that even after 23 years of the formation of Jharkhand, CNT Act, and SPT Act have not been implemented properly. 

Exploitation has to be stopped in the country. MLAs and MPs have been from tribal communities. All those running the governance system in the village are drunkards. There is a need for the government to save Luguburu along with the Sarna religion.

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