DGP launches Jharkhand Police’s Pratibimb App

Ranchi: DGP Ajay Kumar Singh launched Jharkhand Police’s Pratibimb app on Wednesday. This app will tell the geographical location of mobile numbers used in cyber fraud across the country.

By implementing this, the geographical location of all the mobile numbers which have been used in cybercrimes across the country can be seen. This data will appear on the map of the entire country. With this, the physical or geographical location of the mobile numbers being used by criminals in any state area will be visible.

Jharkhand ranks second in the country after Rajasthan in terms of cybercrime. In the last four and a half years (from 2019 to July 2023), 5350 cases of cybercrime have been reported in Jharkhand. Of these, 1432 cases have been registered only in Ranchi district.

Apart from this, 496 cases were registered in Dhanbad, 405 in Deoghar, 384 in Jamshedpur and 348 in Hazaribagh. A workshop is going on in Ranchi regarding action against cybercrime. In this, along with officials from West Bengal, Orissa, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, and Bihar and UP, officials from ED, CBI, DOT, DIB and RBI also participated.

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