‘Sardar 2 is loading soon,’ says Karthi

Chennai (IANS) Tamil star Karthi after having confirmed the sequel to his much acclaimed espionage-action-thriller film ‘Sardar’, has now officially announced the film’s sequel ‘Sardar 2’.

Taking to his X account formerly known as Twitter, the ‘Ponniyin Selvan’ actor shared the details and wrote: “One year of Blockbuster #Sardar. Thank you my dear fans and audience for this great milestone. #Sardar 2 is loading soon. @Psmithran, @lakku76, @PrincePictures”

Alongside the announcement, he shared a video to mark the one year of his blockbuster film showing various scenes from the film as well as audience reviews which were highly positive.

Concluding with the film’s dialogue: “Once a spy, always a spy”, the video showed an announcement in digital style for the sequel which read: “‘Sardar 2’ loading soon.”

The sequel’s pre-production work began all the way back in August, as it was already confirmed. However, due to never being formally announced due to the makers being very silent about it, there were no details.

‘Sardar 2’ is currently yet to announce more details in regards to production or storyline, though the film will most likely release in 2024 in order to avoid clashes with other films while also completing its full work in regards to storyline and VFX.

On the work front, ‘Karthi’ is currently set to star in the heist-action-crime-thriller film ‘Japan’ where he essays the role of a thrill seeking megalomaniac thief called Japan. Something like Don, Japan is always leading police on a goose chase and mocking them.

Despite his attitude however, Japan also from its teaser is apparently quite violent and possibly gleefully murderous.

Director PS Mithran and composer G.V Prakash will be part of the second film as it picks up the threads of ‘Sardar’ and introduces a new chapter in the life of protagonists.

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