Sakhi Mandal’s products were a big hit at IITF, Palash Brand and Adiva Tribal Jewellery remained center of attraction

Ranchi: In the India International Trade Fair (IITF) organized at Pragati Maidan, Delhi, the products manufactured by the Sakhi Mandals of the state were in full swing and reported great sales too.

The products of Sakhi  Mandal through Palash brand were put up for sale at Saras Aajeevika Mela. Mustard oil, Pickle, Honey, Madua Atta, Spices and Soaps of Palash brand were in great demand. At the same time the pickle of Palash was also in the center of attraction for the people. People liked the pickles made of Bamboo, Ol and Mahua. Palash’s products worth about Rs 6 lakh were sold during the trade fair. On the other hand, in view of the quality of Palash products, the order of supply of about Rs 15 lakh rupees has also been received by the Didis. It is worth mentioning that on the initiative of Chief Minister Hemant Soren, the products manufactured by the sisters of Sakhi Mandal of the state have been linked with the Palash brand and an initiative is being taken to connect them with the big market.

Adiva, a tribal traditional jewellery brand manufactured by the sisters of Sakhi Mandal, set a new sales record at the India International Trade Fair. A total of Rs 9 lakh worth of jewellery was sold under the jewellery brand Adiva, which was launched on the occasion of Dhanteras. Adiva Tribal Jewellery was very much liked by the people and people appreciated this initiative to save and give a new identity to the cultural and traditional jewelery of the state. Yashoda Devi of Khunti, who is associated with the manufacture of Adiva Jewellery, said that the Adiva brand has led to a good sales and thanked the government for introducing Adiva under the Palash brand. This initiative has given a new identity to the tribal jewellery.

Rural Development Secretary Dr Manish Ranjan has congratulated the sisters of Sakhi Mandal for exhibition and sale of quality products at IITF’s Saras Aajeevika. While advising the Didis to maintain the quality of the products, he said that the Palash brand will play a vital role in making the sisters of Sakhi Mandal successful entrepreneurs and with this initiative the dreams of the Sakhi didis will come true. Dr Ranjan appreciated the sisters associated with Adiva and Palash and said that these products are very important to change your life. With this, the sisters of Sakhi Mandal will be empowered financially and socially.

Nancy Sahai, CEO, Jharkhand State Livelihood Promotion Society expressed happiness over the good sales of Palash and Adiva in IITF and appreciated the sisters of Sakhi Mandal. She said that preparations are being made to add more products under the Palash brand in the coming days. She said that a lot of products manufactured by Didis were sold in the International Trade Fair, which is commendable for the Didis of Sakhi Mandal. Keeping the quality of Palash and Adiva intact, efforts are being made to connect more Didis with Palash. Palash and Adiva have made Jharkhand proud in IITF. It is as a result of good quality products that Palash’s products have also received supply orders worth Rs 15 lakhs.

On the initiative of the Chief Minister the products of Sakhi Mandals of the state have been linked with the Palash brand. Till date more than 60 products are available for sale under Palash. At the same time, Palash products are available for sale through a total of 158 Palash marts in the state. Palash product is also available for sale on Amazon and Flipkart. More than 2 lakh sisters of Sakhi Mandal
are benefitting from this initiative.

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