Sabyasachi Jewellery now in Hyderabad

New Delhi (IANSlife) “Crowded narrow lanes with balconies jutting out of beautiful old mansions and homes, jostling for space in North Calcutta. So rich in its nonchalance, between the clamour of grandeur and decay. It’s almost spiritual, the neglect of luxury and the casual existence of glamour. It makes Calcutta unforgettable,” says Sabyasachi Mukherjee.

Sabyasachi’s inaugural jewellery flagship store in Hyderabad, is an homage to craftsmanship, heritage and the spirit of Calcutta. An intimate parlour of exquisite jewels, the store is framed with original art made by The Sabyasachi Art Foundation-inspired by Persian Qajars, Mughal botanicals and miniatures, and Company paintings found in the grand old homes and palaces of Calcutta. The modernist interpretations are interspersed with hand crafted Pichhwais, and vintage handwoven and crafted textiles from across India-including Mughal hand embroidered zardosi caps and a late 18th century hand stitched velvet choli in embroidered zardosi, complete with a hidden pocket.

Dutch pottery, age-old ceramics and leather bound books peek through Lladro figurines of Indian goddesses. Even as the floors are marked with hand knotted and woven carpets and kilims, the wallpaper and upholstery are part of the Sabyasachi for Nilaya collection, presenting the various house motifs and hallmarks. While the house’s signature block printed velvet lined vitrines and busts that are laced with the finest of necklaces, rings, earrings and head gear.

Sabyasachi’s vision for the retail experience remains consistent across the various cities, countries and stores. It’s an escape and a reminder to step away and into a timeless sense of being and the complete abandon and decadence of the joy of age-old heritage and slow luxury.

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