Rs 700 cr being invested for development of the state: Raghubar Das

Lohardaga, Jun 4: Chief Minister Raghubar Das said that for the development of the state Rs 700 crore is being invested which would not only create employment opportunities but would also ensure that progress reaches in every house of state.

Addressing the people after inaugurating the Devnad Damodar mahotsav in Sangi village of Kundu block of this district he said that the government was preparing schemes for the development of the villages so that lives of teh poor can be changed.

On the occasion he also laid foundation and inaugurated schemes worth Rs 20 crore in this district. He said that despite being a rich state the people of the state are por mainly on account of political instability. He said that the government was working o make optimum utilisation of the resources available in the state to remove poverty and said that the state can not move ahead on the path of development if poverty is not removed.

Mr Das stressed on the need to protect the environment or in days to come the human existence would be at danger and said that singe rivers are life givers therefore they needed to be protected. He said that in the present ear people are njot only polluting the rivers but also destroying the forests which was impacting the environmental balance and said that the government at any cost would preserve teh enviornment and carryout development.

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