RMC to impose hefty fines if two dustbins not found in shops

Ranchi: In order to make the state capital free from waste and garbage the Ranchi Municipal Corporation has ordered all the shop keepers to keep dustbins outside their shops.

As per the orders of the RMC the shop keepers have been asked to keep separate dustbins for dry and wet waste. To check whether the shops are keeping the dustbins or not the RMC will conduct a drive from February 1 onwards and if any shop will be found without the dustbins then action will be taken against them.

The RMC has decided that incase the dustbins are not found then fine ranging from Rs 500 to Rs 5,000 will be imposed on the shop owners. Deputy Town Commissioner Shankar Yadav said that as per the rules of solid waste management 2016 in all homes, shops, commercial places, markets etc for waste green dustbin and for dry waste blue dustbin has to be kept and those who will be caught violating the rules action will be taken against them. He said that in wake of the cleanliness survey 2021 the order has been issued by the corporation.

Not only the shop owners but the street vendors too will have to keep the two dustbins so that waste is not thrown on the roads. He said that street vendors are responsible for spreading maximum waste on the roads and during the drive fines will be also imposed on them if they will be caught without the dustbins.

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