RMC scored more marks than the target

Ranchi: Ranchi Municipal Corporation is making full effort this year to get a better rank in the cleanliness survey.

Along with cleanliness in the corporation area, the corporation workers have been engaged in efforts to get better feedback from the people since the month of July.

To ensure people’s participation in the survey, the Municipal Corporation is conducting an awareness campaign by visiting various institutions, schools and colleges of the city, and motivating them to participate in the survey.

With this, before the start of the survey, Deputy Administrator Rajneesh Kumar had ordered a meeting with all the zonal and ward supervisors to go to public and community places and give information related to the survey to the citizens and motivate them to give their feedback in the survey.

In this year’s survey, Ranchi Municipal Corporation has scored 20,000 marks so far.

This year’s survey will continue till August 15.

According to the information received from the corporation, the target of the corporation was to earn at least 11,000 points this year, but the municipal corporation has completed its target before the end of the survey.

Swachhta Survekshan is a competition organized by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs to encourage mass citizen participation in enhancing the cleanliness of cities and their communities.

It ranks rural and urban areas according to their cleanliness, time and active implementation of Swachhata Mission initiatives in the manner invented.

This year the survey has given priority to 3Rs, which include Reduce, Recycle and Reuse.

In citizen feedback, people rate issues such as garbage collection and disposal, segregation of wet waste from dry waste and plastic, evacuation and filtration of dirty waste.

It is mandatory for every municipal body to take feedback from 0.1 people of the population for the survey. There are more than 200 parameters in the survey.

According to these parameters, the rank is given on the basis of which municipal body gets the marks.

Last year, the rank of Ranchi Municipal Corporation was 38 in the cleanliness survey.

The Municipal Corporation had obtained a total of 7500 marks.

With this, a survey was conducted in 4354 cities last year.

Deputy Administrator of Ranchi Municipal Corporation, Rajneesh Kumar said that the cleanliness survey will continue till August 15.

Ranchi residents are appealed to join the survey in maximum number and give their feedback.

With the participation of the residents, we can bring Ranchi to the number-1 rank in the whole country.

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