Review meeting regarding the special abbreviated revision program of voter list-2024

Ranchi: In connection with the Special Brief Revision Program of Voter List-2024, a review meeting was organized on Monday with all the BLOs of 63-Ranchi Assembly Constituency in Collectorate Building, Ranchi (Block B).

The meeting was mainly attended by Executive Magistrate Sadar Ranchi Shashi Neelima Dung Dung, Sadhna Jaipuria, Divisional Officer Sadar Ranchi Munshi Ram Circle Officer City, Ranchi and other officials and all the BLOs of 63-Ranchi Assembly Constituency.

In the meeting, discussions were mainly held regarding the Special Abridged Revision Program of Voter List-2024.

During this period, all the BLOs, observers, and citizens have been asked to make the voters and citizens of their area aware and provide them information regarding election related services under the special campaign from 28-10-2023 to 05-11-2023.

During the special campaign day, all BLOs were asked to keep all the forms like Form-6, 7 and 8 available in appropriate numbers in their respective polling stations, as well as keep B/W Poor Quality Photo Register with them.

Along with this, everyone was asked to pay special attention to the use of the BLO app.

To create a clean, inclusive and error-free voter list, it is necessary to register all eligible citizens and purify the voter list.

To fulfill the above objectives, to ensure 100% registration of all eligible citizens, especially Transgender, Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups (PVTGs), Sex Workers, 80 age group, Divyangjan, Homeless People, residing in shelter homes, in the voter list – Date – 28.11 Inclusive Week will be organized from 2023 to 03.12.2023.

Under the special campaign, we will go door-to-door and ensure 100% verification of the voters of the said category already registered in the voter list, and ensure registration of the missing eligible citizens.

All eligible Transgender/Sex Workers, Women in Difficult Circumstances will be ensured to get registered by running a campaign.

On the occasion of International Day of Persons with Disabilities will organize necessary programs to facilitate the registration of persons with disabilities and to ensure their participation in the election process.

In light of the above, all BLOs and all BLO supervisors were instructed to complete all the work on time as per the described program and send reports through their supervisors by 04:00 pm every day, so that the objectives of the Commission and Instructions can be properly followed.

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