Respect for teachers is necessary to build an educated society: Dr. Rameshwar Oraon

Ranchi: Jharkhand Finance Minister Dr. Rameshwar Oraon said whether the government believes it or not, only private schools provide quality education. “ Will request the President of India that it is good that the teachers of government schools should be honored, but why are the teachers of private schools left out? 

Teachers of private schools have the biggest role in showing light to society, then by honoring them, the government will Why keep them deprived, the Central and State Governments should also honor them” said Oraon.

He said that teachers have an important role in building the society of the whole world. Parents leave their children with teachers, Only teachers groom the children of uneducated parents, educate them, make them IAS and IPS. I myself am an example of this. It was only because of teachers that I was able to complete my education in difficult subjects like Economics and a born into an ordinary family, it was because of these private school teachers that I got the opportunity to get an IPS job and serve.

On this occasion, while highlighting the importance of a teacher in a person’s life, he said that today any person can hold any position in society. Certainly, it is the contribution of those teachers who have shaped them. While narrating the memoirs of his student life, he said that he himself cannot forget the contribution of his teachers from the primary class to the higher class and every person should respect all the teachers who have come in his lifetime.

He also explained the duties of teachers and said that it is the responsibility of every teacher to discharge his duties in such a way that he can become an ideal citizen for society, only then the country can progress. 

State President of PASWA, Alok Kumar Dubey said that since PASWA was established in 2011, the organization has been organizing felicitation ceremonies to encourage teachers and students, through this, PASWA honors people working in the field of education. Today’s program is definitely historic and will make a valuable contribution to the field of education in Jharkhand. The teachers who are being honored will build a better society.

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