Reconnecting with an old friend?

New Delhi (IANSlife) Today, technology has connected people from all over the world, and we have information about others at our fingertips. The concept of reconnecting may appear needless and insignificant, but in reality, we are drifting more away from our past and the people that inhabit it. The longer we’ve been separated, the more uncomfortable we feel around them in the present.

Meeting someone from the past, an old friend might bring up a lot of emotions, and feelings from the past that you may have buried deep and not noticed in a long time. While reconnecting may seem like a huge step at the moment but it need not become awkward if you follow these sexy brilliant tips.

Make the first move

Technology is a necessary evil so why don’t we use it to our advantage? If you want to meet with an old friend, it is okay to go ahead and drop the first message without hesitation. A simple text on any social media network that you find comfortable should do the charm. This will remind your friend that you’re thinking of them but not pressuriSe them into meeting with you without their own will. Once they reply, you can continue with the conversation. Remember that small talk will help you resurface the relationship from the past.

Arrange a rendezvous

Once you feel like you’re getting familiar with each other again, you can make efforts to arrange a rendezvous with them. Any quiet place, a cafe of your choice, a park, or even a bookstore can work wonders if you actually want to meet with them. Don’t try something extravagant or overwhelming like inviting them over to meet your friends because you don’t want to scare them away. Meeting after a long time can be intimidating for some as well. If you feel nervous about being alone with them, going for some sports activities like bowling will help you out.

Candid and slow conversations

Yes, you had a strong and unbreakable bond in the past but you can’t expect the same after years. There might’ve been reasons for you losing touch with them and there might be some resentment from either side. To avoid bursting up and making things uncomfortable for either of the parties, you must start with frank and common topics to converse over.

Today, almost everyone is on one social media platform or the other and is actively posting updates about their life. Their social media posts can help you initiate a lot of casual conversations and you break the ice easily. You can also choose to laugh over some shared memories together or show interest in their career, life, or passion. These will help you establish a ground of trust and comfort for both of you to reconnect.

Open to old feelings

While dealing with old feelings can be terrifying, once you get comfortable around each other, you can start entertaining your old feelings. Conversations like what went wrong and who was at fault might be a little too much for them but if and when dealt with care can help you bridge the gap between the two parties.

It’s also important that you connect over the serious and major changes that have occurred since the last time you met each other and remember to show empathy. Difficult conversations will eventually help you understand whether or not your friendship is ready and sustain a second trial. So be open to experiencing a roller coaster ride of emotions from your past-the good and the bad alike so you two can be candid and your true versions with each other.

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