‘Rasas’ of Indian Art on display

New Delhi (IANS) Art Spice gallery, in collaboration with Art Magnum is displaying art works by Indian Masters and contemporary artists in a group show, ‘Rasas of Indian Art’ at The Metropolitan Hotel & Spa in the capital. The works trace the journey of Indian artists both in the pre-and the post-independence era, providing an insight into how the Indian art scene has evolved.

The exhibition displays a wide-ranging, rare and unique collection of works by artists including S.H. Raza, M.F. Husain, Ram Kumar, F.N. Souza, T. Vaikuntam, K.G. Subramanyan, Ram Kinker Baij, Jamini Roy, Suhas Roy, Arup Das, Jatin Das, Jogen Choudhury, Manu Parekh, Paresh Maity, Neeraj Goswami, Hemen Mazumdar and Satish Gujral.

Speaking about the exhibition, Babita Gupta, Director, Art Spice Gallery, said, “It was a pleasure to associate with Art Magnum and bring together artworks of the leading artists both from pre & post-independence era. This exhibition brings the great Indian masters and contemporary artists under one roof and showcases an enchanting collection of elucidating artworks.”

Saurabh Singhvi, Director, Art Magnum added, “Both Art Magnum and Art Spice share the same vision and objectives and are committed to further the cause of Indian art and culture. The exhibition becomes a platform for both to unite and celebrate the vibrant facets of Indian art and present such a fabulous show.”

The show will continue till January 3.

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