Ranchi police claims weapons recovered from Prem Prakash’s premises belongs to jawans, two suspended

Ranchi: The Ranchi police have claimed that two AK 47 assault rifles and 60 bullets recovered from the rented house of a power broker Prem Prakash belonged to the district police. In a press release, the police stated that policemen who were allotted weapons had deposited their weapons at the residence of Prem Prakash for the safety and protection of the weapons as they were caught in the rain. 

The Ranchi police claimed that on August 23 both the policemen were returning from duty when they were caught in the rain. They were acquainted with a staff of Prem Prakash hence they kept their weapons there in an almirah, locked it, and returned along with the key.

The police further stated that on Wednesday (August 24) when they came here, the Enforcement Directorate officials were carrying out raids, hence, they could not collect their weapons.

The Ranchi police further stated that both the policemen informed their seniors about this and they have been put under suspension. Further, the Ranchi police have requested the ED to return the weapons and bullets. However, the Ranchi police have neither revealed the identity of the policemen nor clarified whether they were bodyguards of any person. 

There is also no explanation as to why cops did not deposit their weapons at the nearest police station Argora which is closely situated to the residence of Prem Prakash. There is a standard procedure that if a cop on duty is allotted any weapon, he will have to deposit it either at the police line or the police station.

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