Ranchi limps back to normalcy

Ranchi, Apr 12: After pandemonium on the streets of the state capital
on Tuesday Ranchi and its residents returned to normal life as markets
and business areas in the main road of the city saw crowds and
business as usual.
However as part of the security measure additional police personnel
were deployed at all the prominent spots and locations of the main
road so as to prevent the repeat of Tuesdays’ event. The market areas
and the shops also witnessed normal routine activity.
The police on its part has categorically stated that none of the
trouble couters would be spared. It was looking through the CCTV
footage to identify the trouble makers and said that arrests would
also take place and stringent of possible actions would be taken
against these anti-social elements who tried to disturb the communal
peace and harmony of the city.
On Tuesday trouble broke out on the streets of the main road after a
procession which was being carried out on the occasion of Mahaveer
Jayanti by the workers of Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad
started raising slogans of Jai Shree Ram near the Ekra Masjid which
was objected by members of the other community.
It was alleged that the flag was torn by the members of the other
community after which the members of one community held road blocked
and tension flared up between the two sides. To clear the road jam
police resorted to Lathi charge and fired tear gas shells.

agitators also pelted stone on the police. However the situation was
brought under control by the local administration and the peace loving
people of both the communities to urged the people to maintain clam
and peace in the areas.

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