Ranchi immersed in the devotion of Lord Krishna’s Shyam Avatar, the atmosphere became devotional with cheerful

Ranchi:  A grand Nishan procession was taken out on Wednesday on the occasion of Phalgun festival of Shreeshyam Sangh. Nishan Puja was performed at Shri Radha-Vallabh Temple, Upper Bazaar at 7.30 am. Devotees performed aarti. Then when the procession started with musical instruments, the atmosphere echoed with the cheers of Shri Shyam Dhani.

The beautiful scene of devotees dancing and waving 501 signs in front of Khatu Naresh seated in a decorated vehicle was a sight to behold. As soon as the bhajan singers would pull the string and start playing ‘Rakhijo Yo Hai Baba Ko Nishan…’ every pore of the devotees intoxicated with devotion would thrill. There was neither worry about the body nor care of the mind, there was only devotion, enthusiasm and enthusiasm for the donor of the head.

At 11:30 in the day, the devotees, while touring the Upper Bazaar area, passed through Kath Sarai Road, Bada lal Street and reached Shri Shyam Temple, Agrasen Path. Here a mark was offered to Shri Shyam Prabhu. Together everyone performed the Aarti of the Lord. The first Prahar program concluded with the distribution of Prasad. 

The devotees participating in the Nishan procession were welcomed by showering flowers from various religious, social and business organizations at various places. Food items were distributed among everyone. The program of the second phase in Shriradha Vallabh temple started with adornment and worship at seven in the evening. A panoramic tableau of Shrishyam was decorated. After lighting the Akhand Jyoti, Sawamani and Mahaprasad were offered to Baba. After this Ekadashi Jagran started.

While attending the Lord’s court, Ritika Chawla of Rohtak spread her dark colored eyelids and enthralled everyone by presenting one bhajan more than the other, as if Falgun aa gayo. The colour of devotion continued till late night. 

During this time, the devotees, colored in devotion, also played Holi with flowers with great enthusiasm. The celebration concluded with midnight aarti.

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