Police arrested a man with 370 bottles of spurious liquor involved in Smuggling at Bihar – Jharkhand Border near Palamu

Palamu: On one hand there is Holi and on the other hand there are elections, liquor smugglers are trying to take maximum advantage of this opportunity. In view of prohibition in Bihar, Bihar has become a big market for liquor for smugglers to earn. Liquor mafia is engaged in supplying spurious liquor to Bihar via Palamu.

A large consignment of liquor was caught in Manatu, two kilometers before reaching Bihar, at 3.30 am on Wednesday. The police also succeeded in arresting a liquor smuggler. While one absconded. Fake liquor packing material was also recovered from them. Police had received information at 1:30 in the night that a silver colored Bolero vehicle was coming from Chak towards Manatu via Kedal village. In which illegal liquor is kept. 

Under the leadership of police station in-charge Nirmal Oraon, police team Turam Purti, Havildar Mohan Munda, constable Veer Amar Singh, Arjun Kumar, Prakash Pandey, Ranjit Kumar Rai, Krishna Yadav, Birendra Kumar Mehta set out for the raid to catch the Bolero laden with liquor.

At 2:20 pm, a check point was set up near Tetriyatad, the road entering Gaya, Bihar. After waiting for the police for an hour, a Bolero was seen coming. When the police signaled to stop the vehicle, seeing the police, the driver and the person sitting with him stopped the vehicle and started running away.

One person was caught while another escaped taking advantage of the darkness. Liquor smuggler Shahid Ansari (29), caught during interrogation, is a resident of Rudidih of Navajaipur police station area. The absconding person was identified as Sunil Prasad of his own village.

Bolero BR 24P0975 Sort by Night Girl Whiskey 750 ml 96 bottles, Sterling Reserve 375 ml 40 bottles, Sterling Reserve 180 ml 24 bottles, Royal Stag 375 ml 60 bottles, Royal Stag 180 ml 150 bottles, Royal Stag Sticker 5 leaves, lid 210 pieces, sticker sealing the lid 5 leaves, sticker of Imperial Blue, 220 pieces lid were recovered. Raids are being conducted to arrest the absconding accused.

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