Ranchi district administration to provide free meals at Daal-Bhaat Centres till November

Ranchi: The Ranchi district administration will continue to provide free food to the people turning up the Dal Bhaat Centres being operated in the area till November 2020.

A total of 49 such Dal Bhaat centers have been given approval for functioning till November 2020. The people who run these centres are being provided rice, pulses, soybean free of cost.

Amid the Coronavirus crisis, the district administration was running more than 100 different types of Dal Bhatt centres to provide food to the needy and at all such centres on a daily basis, 200 people were being provided food free of cost.

After the government started allowing commencement of business and economic activities in a phase-wise manner it was decided that apart from regular centres at 49 such centres food would be provided to the people free of cost till November 2020.

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