Ranchi district administration deputes additional jawans & magistrates to keep eye over New Year Celebrations

Ranchi: On the last day of the year 2022 and on the occasion of New Year 2023 a large number of people are likely to gather for picnics at various dams, rivers, reservoirs and tourist places. 

An order has been issued by the Deputy Commissioner cum District Magistrate, Ranchi for the maintenance of public peace, security system and law and order. Magistrates have been deputed to avoid any kind of accident and to maintain law and order and public peace.

In this context, in the order issued by the Senior Superintendent of Police, Ranchi, police officers and police forces have also been deputed in various 68 places of Ranchi. All the concerned officials have been ordered to reach the place of deputation on time and remain active and dynamic, so that no untoward incident takes place and law and order and peace system is maintained. 

Sub-Divisional Police Officer, Bundu in Dasham Fall and all the Deputy Superintendents of Police under Sadar Sub-Division have been directed to ensure the arrangement of local divers for the convenience of tourists, marking various rivers, reservoirs, dams, ponds and different types of water bodies and dangerous places to ensure prohibition and orders have been given to make arrangements for antidote and sanitizer. 

The Block Development Officer in rural areas and the Zonal Officer, station in-charge in urban areas have been ordered to ensure security and precautionary arrangements at picnic spots while being in priority charge of their respective areas.

All the deputed magistrates, and police officers have been ordered to ensure sending reports every two hours to the Sub-Divisional Officer, Bundu, Sadar, Deputy Superintendent of Police, City Control Room, Ranchi. Traffic System Superintendent of Police, Traffic, Ranchi will be in overall charge of the traffic system and by deputing a sufficient number of traffic police in a timely manner, smooth traffic will be maintained so that the situation of jam does not arise.

Firefighting arrangements have been made at Angada Police Station, Ormazhi Police Station, Dashamphol Police Station, Pithoria Police Station, Ratu Police Station, City Control Room, Dhurva Police Station, Firayalal Chowk, Sikidiri Police Station. From 07:00 am on 31.12.2022 to 05.01.2023, an order has been given to arrange the vehicle.

Civil Surgeon Ranchi has been ordered to ensure the deputation of 04 ambulances, adequate doctors and a medical team with the necessary equipment and life-saving medicines in the District Control Room from 07:00 am on 31.12.2022 to 05.01.2023.

Sub- Divisional Officer Sadar, Sub- Divisional Officer Bundu and Superintendent of Police, City, Superintendent of Police, Rural will be in overall priority charge of security arrangements in their respective areas. Magistrates have been deputed at various 26 places in the district. 

The officials have been deputed from 07:00 AM on 31.12.2022 to 05.01.2023 at these places-: Rock Garden, Kanke Dam, Ranchi. Kanke Dam Sido-Kanhu Park, Morhabadi. Machali Ghar (Near Raj Bhavan) Nakshatra Van (Near Raj Bhavan) Hatia Dam Hundru Fall Dasham Fall Deori Temple / Pond un Temple Bundu Jonha Fall (Angada) Getalsud Dam (Angada) Sita Fall (Angada). Gautam Dhara (Angada) Rukka Dam. Oxygen Park, Morhabadi, Ranchi. Birsa Munda Park (Old Jail Campus).

 Swarnrekha river Crocodile Breeding Centre, Muta Biological Park, Ormanjhi. Fun Castle Park, Ratu Shri Krishna Park located in Doranda Pahari Mandir (for upper/lower part) Tagore Hill Dhurva Dam and Pithoria Valley.

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