Raja Kumari on ‘The Bridge’: It’s an effort to bridge gaps between East & West

Mumbai (IANS) American rapper, singer, and songwriter Raja Kumari has released her new album ‘The Bridge’ which is an ode to Goddess Saraswati.

It captures her connection, love and respect for Her and an attempt to bridge the gap between east and west. ‘The Bridge’ comprises nine songs titled ‘Born To Win’, ‘No Nazar’, ‘Babylon’, ‘Juice’, ‘Lovesick’, ‘La India’, ‘Gods’ and ‘Fearless’.

The album was created during the pandemic and was recorded across Los Angeles and Big Bear in California and Goa in India.

Opening up about ‘The Bridge’, she said: “This album is like a baby to me, it is made with an immense amount of love. The thought process behind the album is Maa Saraswati and in the truest sense is an effort to bridge all the gaps between the West and East, and the ancient and future.

“I hope the audience shower all their love and support to it and I’m really looking forward to the reactions of my close ones after listening to the tracks from the album,” added Raja Kumari.

‘The Bridge’ has been released under Raja Kumari’s independent banner Godmother Records.

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