Rain, thundering became a disaster, electricity remained out for hours

Ranchi:  Strong wind, thundering and rain have become a problem for the power supply system. On Tuesday, due to strong wind blowing at a speed of about 40 kilometers per hour and torrential rain accompanied by lightning, the power supply of Ranchi city was disrupted.

During the thunder, power was turned off from all sub-stations as a precaution. But after the weather cleared, there was darkness in many areas of Ranchi. At many places, the problem of breakdown occurred due to tree branches falling on the power lines. Due to this, power supply came to a standstill in dozens of localities for two to three hours.

Apart from this, there were problems of transformer malfunction and fuse blowing at many places. Due to drizzling rain till late evening, there was difficulty in the repair work. Due to this, people had to face interrupted power supply for hours. During the thundering, electricity was switched off from the feeders for half to an hour. But when the rain became light, all the feeders were started sequentially.

After this, the problem of interrupted power supply started occurring in many places. Which was repaired. Electricity remained switched off here for half an hour during the thunderstorm. Due to this, the areas of Ratu Chatti, Mandar, Ratu Road, Itki, Bedo, Chanho, Bachra, Ratu Road were affected.

A tree branch had fallen on the LT line near Judge Colony. Due to which, due to repair, power supply in the areas around Kanke Road remained disrupted for more than two hours. At the same time, there was no electricity for hours in the Kanke area due to local faults.

There was a problem with the transformer in other areas including Thadpakna, Hyder Ali Road. Whereas in some places, power supply was disrupted due to blown fuse and local fault. Due to non-stop rain here, the repair work was delayed and darkness remained in many areas till evening. There was a problem of break down. A tree branch had fallen on an electric wire in Doranda, Hinu.

It took hours to repair it and the repair work continued for more than four hours late in the evening. Due to this, surrounding areas including Mani Tola, Firdaus Nagar were affected. The problem of transformer fuse blowing continued. Due to which electricity remained disrupted in many localities for more than an hour. Due to this, other areas including Kadru, Sarna Toli, Pul Toli were affected.

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