Railways gives green signal to Silli Ilu bypass rail line

Ranchi: The Railway Ministry has given its green signal for the construction of Silli Ilu Bypass Railway Line under Ranchi Railway Division. Construction of this railway line will save 2 hours of travel time between Howrah and Tata. This will save time of passengers and also save resources of Railways. It may be noted that the demand for Silli Illu rail line was being made by the local people for the last many years.

MP Sanjay Seth took initiative in this matter and wrote a letter to the Union Railway Minister for the construction of a 6 kilometer bypass line. In this light, a proposal was also sent to the Railway Board by the Railway Board, Ranchi. After the initiative of the MP, the Railway Board and the Railway Minister have shown seriousness. Its DPR was prepared and now its construction has also got the green signal.

MP Shri Seth said that for this, a budget amount of Rs 125 crore was to be allocated to the Railway Board. So that its construction work can be completed. With the completion of this railway line of just 6 kilometers, both passengers and railways will be benefited. Regarding this issue, I had instructed the officials several times in the railway meetings to send its proposal.

Last year, after meeting Railway Minister Ashwani Vaishnav in New Delhi, I informed him about the importance of this bypass line. He was requested that the sooner this work is completed, the more benefits the Railways and the people of the area will get. The Railway Minister also agreed with my proposal and has given the green signal for its construction.

MP Seth has expressed his gratitude to Railway Minister Vaishnav for this and said that after decades, India has got such a visionary Railway Minister, who is working day and night for the all-round development of Railways. The MP said that many more such gifts will be given to Ranchi by Indian Railways. The MP also thanked the Union Railway Minister on behalf of the people of the area.

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