Rail passengers suffer as water vending machine discontinued at Ranchi & Hatia stations

Ranchi: The Water vending machine which was installed for the convenience of passengers where the people used to get water at a reasonable cost is lying idle at both the Ranchi and Hatia railway stations of the city.

From the machine, cold and pure water could be got for just five rupees. The food counters inside the railway premises are taking the advantage of this by selling the water bottle to the passengers at Rs 20.

Arrangements were made by IRCTC to provide one liter of cold water at the railway station for five rupees. But due to the outstanding dues on the company providing the water vending service, it was terminated and blacklisted.

The railway administration blacklisted the company on March 21 itself. But till now no other arrangement for cold water has been made.

Senior Public Relations Officer of Ranchi Rail Division, Devraj Bannerjee said that for the convenience of the passengers Ranchi rail division has planned to install water vending machines at both stations of the city for which tender has also been floated.

There is not only a problem with water in the railway station of the capital but there is also a lack of other facilities. An automatic Ticket Vending Machine (ATVM) was installed in view of the difficulties faced by the general coach passengers in getting tickets but this machine has now become just a showpiece. At the same time, a box has been made for mobile charging at the station but there is no power supply here.

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