Raghubars, promises to build a state in which there will be no place for fear and injustice

Ranchi, Sep 11: Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das today said that the state government had rised above political affiliation and personal ambition and over the last three years has worked only for the interest of the state.

 He said that completion of 1000 days in power was not just a milestone but was that of honesty and transparency and prosperity. He said that the state government has set a target to achieve all round development of the state for which there was a need to make all round collaborative efforts. He said that there was no dearth of talent and resources in the state and said that building a new Jharkhand was priority for the state government.

He said that during the last three years the government has spent its energy for making the system proper and was committed for development in the areas of power, roads, health, education and other sectors. He said that the commitment of the government was reflected from the fact that Gujarat Jharkhand was second having achieved growth rate of 8.6 per cent.

The Chief Minister said that till 2019 his government has fixed 10 point focus areas under which priority has been accorded in education, health, cleanliness, housing, irrigation, power and transporation. He said that the government was also committed to address the issue of unemployment. The Chief Minister said that during the 1000 days rule of the government employment has been provided to 1 lakh people out of which 90 pc were locals who were benefiited by the domicile policy. He said that his government has framed special schemes for improvement in middle, primary and higher education in tehs state.

The Chief Minister said that the commitment of the state government was evident from the fact that  in 1000 days 57 of the funds approved for schemes have been utilized while 7 lakh homes were provided power and construction was on for 7 grids and 257 sub stations. He said that the government was working to provide power in all homes by 2018. He said that in 1000 days not a single allegation has been leveled against the state government and said that corruption can be removed with the cooperation of the people and several people have been arrested for being involved in corruption. He said that the number of people arrested for corruption in 1000 days was more than that of in the last 14 years.

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