Raghubar says a momentous and historic day for Jharkhand, assures no one can take the land of poor and tribals

Ranchi, May 18: Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das said that his
government does not only makes promises but also fulfills them and the
day was a historic day for the state as foundation is being laid for
21 plants while three are being inaugurated within a 100 days of the
global investors summit.
He said that the event would help to increase the faith of the people
in the state and also people would get employment, moreover sisters
would not be forced to migrate to other places in search of jobs. Mr
Das said that it was a mere coincidence that the Momentum Jharkhand
Global Investors Summit was held on February 16-17 which was a
Thursday and this day is also Thursday.
Mr Das said that some people in the state indulge in dirty politics
and are against the development of the tribals. He said that as long
as he is in the state one can take the land of the poor and tribals.
He said that there was no need to acquire the land as the places in
which the industries are being set up the people themselves are coming
forward to donate their land. He said that the thinking of the people
was changing as they themselves wanted development and added that his
government was committed to remove poverty from the state and make the
poor stronger and empowered.
The Chief Minister said that it was due to the strong will power of
the government and Team Jharkhand that soon the MoUs are being
realized on the ground and soon they would commence production. He
said that in the month of July once again investment proposals worth
Rs 1,000 crore would be inaugurated and foundation laid in IT and
automobile component sectors. He said that to make sure that the
investors do not face any problem the investor board has been set up
in the state and he himself was monitoring the progress in execution
of MoUs.

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