Raghubar lays foundation and inaugurates schemes worth Rs 15.70 cr in Dumka

Dumka, May 24:  Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das laid foundation stone and inaugurated schemes worth Rs 15.70 crore in the Dumka Division.

The Chief Minister was in Dumka to participate in the panchayat volunteers meet and lateral dressed the workshop organised for the members of the 20 point execution committee. Addressing the function organised at the Dumka in-door stadium here that his government would not tolerate corruption at any cost. He said that in the last two and half years not a single allegation has been leveled against the cabinet ministers of the state which was the biggest achievement of his government.


The Chief Minister urged the people to work honestly for the all round development of the state. He said that it was not possible to bring revolution in one day but by making honest and sincere efforts changes can be heralded, he said and asked the peoples representatives to make the best use of the opportunity given to them by the people and work for their betterment.


He assured that by 2018 power would reach in all the homes of the state and said that the government was committed to remove the poverty and unemployment from Jharkhand. Mr Das said that due to own drawbacks the state has lagged behind however things would change soon.

Earlier addressing the meeting of the panchayat volunteers he said that in-order to provide employment to the women and youth of the state skill development has been kept in top agenda of the government for which a sum of Rs 700 crore would be spent.



The Chief Minister said that the government has taken a pledge to end the role of middlemen from the state and said that by transforming the panchayats the condition of the Santhal Pargana region would be improved. However the Chief Minister said that only by the cooperation of the people the true benefits of the schemes can be realized.


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