Raghubar express concern over deaths due to malnutrition

Jamshedpur, Sep 3: Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das has expressed serious concern over the deaths being caused due to malnutrition in the state.

Addressing the members of the Marwari community during a state wide conclave he suggested that girls should not be married at tender age due to which their physical development fails to take place and they give birth to malnourished children due to which either the mother or the child dies which was indeed unfortunate.

He said that his government has launched a campaign for the development of the women ‘Pahle Padhai Phir Bidai’. He said that there should be no difference between son and daughters and there was a need to change the thought process so the development is ushered in.

Mr Das said that with the corpus of Rs 10 crore Chief Minister fellowship scheme has been started which would help such children who for the want of the money are denied opportunity to study further. He said that it is the dream of the Prime Minister that in 2022 when the nation would celebrate Independence Day than no one should be denied health, education, food and housing.

The Chief Minister urged the state residents to have trust on their self belief. He said that it was due to the self belief of Prem Lata Aggarwal that she was being awarded. He asked the people work with self belief in which ever area they are working and contribute in the development of the state, society and the nation.


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