Raghubar Das became National Vice President and Asha Lakra became National Secretary

Ranchi: In view of the Lok Sabha elections 2024, the Bharatiya Janata Party has reshuffled its central team.

Two leaders of Jharkhand have been entrusted with the important responsibility in the Central Committee for conducting this election.

BJP is making all preparations to win the 14 Lok Sabha seats in Jharkhand.

In this sequence, Babulal Marandi has been assigned the post of State Vice President in Jharkhand.

Now two state leaders have got a place in the Central Committee.

In this, former CM Raghubar Das has once again been made the National Vice President.

On the other hand, Mayor of Ranchi Municipal Corporation Asha Lakra has been entrusted with the responsibility of National Secretary.

The central president of the party has also released the list.

Mayor of Ranchi Municipal Corporation Asha Lakra has been made National Secretary for the second time.

He was given the responsibility two years ago as well.

Lakra started her political career with Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad.

She has also been the National Secretary of the Council while working as a full-time activist.

Later became the national minister of BJP Mahila Morcha.

After that she also became the state BJP minister in Jharkhand.

She is the mayor of Ranchi for two consecutive terms.

She has once again been entrusted with the responsibility of the National Secretary.

Former Chief Minister of Jharkhand Raghubar Das has been given the responsibility for the third time as National Vice President.

On 26 September 2020, he was entrusted with this responsibility for the second time.

Earlier, he was the National Vice President from 16 August 2014 to 25 December 2014.

He stepped down from this post after becoming the Chief Minister.

Raghubar Das had come into active politics since his student life, but his journey in BJP started as Sitaramdera Mandal President.

After this, Jamshedpur Metropolitan became the District General Secretary and Vice President of the BJP, then remained the State President twice.

He was the State President for the first time from July 2004 to May 2005 and for the second time from January 19, 2009 to September 25, 2010.

Minister for Labour and Employment, Government of Jharkhand from 15 November 2000 to March 2003.

Minister for Building Construction, Government of Jharkhand from March 2003 to 14 July 2004.

Minister for Finance, Commerce and Urban Development, Government of Jharkhand from 12 March 2005 to 14 September 2006.

From 30 December 2009 to 30 May 2010 Deputy Chief Minister and Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, Government of Jharkhand.

From 28 December 2014 to 28 December 2019 Chief Minister, Government of Jharkhand.

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