Protect yourself against the summer sun

New Delhi (IANSlife) Too much balcony time, exposure to the sun and gadgets may increase skin-related problems.

With the temperatures soaring high, sunscreens find their way out of boxes. Follow the advice of a good dermatologist to protect your skin against UV and infrared damage while you stay indoors and continue to apply sunscreen at home.

When it comes to protecting the skin, the choice of the right sunscreen is extremely important. Besides the sun, infrared rays can also come from less obvious places like the computer screens, mobiles, hair dryers etc. which then travel deep into the skin releasing free radicals that damage the skin.

Here are three reasons listed by Cetaphil India on why the use of sunscreen is imperative at all times. The newly-launched Cetaphil Bright Healthy Radiance Range also offers a range of daily essentials, curated and formulated to offer complete day and night protection.

Prolonged use of gadgets can be damaging

Regardless of the extended �stay at home’ and limited outdoor gatherings, the radiation from the lights, TVs, cell phone screens, and even lights from different indoor lighting(s) might add to skin problems. Moreover glass windows, do not filter the harmful rays from reaching you. Daily use of sunscreen will shield your skin from the harm brought by exposure to any kind of harmful UV and infrared rays.

Offering proven protection against harmful UV and infrared rays

Your sunscreen must contain broad spectrum filters to help protect from the sun’s harmful radiation on your skin. A lightweight sunscreen that is easily absorbed, is hydrating and nourishing, water and sweat resistant, and non-greasy – like the Cetaphil Sun SPF50+ / SPF 30+ Light Gel. It is a dermatologically tested, fragrance free sunscreen that can be used even in sensitive skin.

Results in skin aging and skin worries

The harmful UV and infrared rays not only cause skin tanning but also penetrates the skin causing premature skin aging, pigmentation or dark spots and other skin related problems. Hence choosing a sunscreen which offers proven protection against UV and infrared radiation is important.

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