Preparation for inauguration of Ram Temple, Ram Darbar to be decorated in Ranchi magnificently

Ranchi: The consecration of Lord Ramlala will take place on January 22 in the grand Ram temple being built in Ayodhya. Preparations are going on throughout the country for this event. The entire Jharkhand including the capital Ranchi is engaged in this preparation. The Akshats invited from Shri Ram Temple Ayodhya are being kept in various temples of the capital Ranchi. People are also being made to see it. At the same time, various preparations are being made by Vishwa Hindu Parishad and BJP regarding the Pran Pratishtha program.

Regarding the preparations in the capital Ranchi, Vishva Hindu Parishad’s provincial co-secretary Jharkhand Ranganath Mahato said that a central plan has been made for the temple program from the country to the villages. According to the Central Action Plan, work will be done in four phases. Accordingly, the life consecration program of Lord Ramlala will be celebrated.

Vishva Hindu Parishad’s provincial co-secretary Jharkhand Ranganath Mahato told the complete action plan. According to this 

1 to 15 January: Picture of Ram temple, yellow Akshat from Ayodhya and invitation letter will be delivered to every house. 21 January: Temples from province to village will be decorated. Various types of religious programs will be held. 22 January: When consecration and aarti will take place in the Ram temple of Ayodhya. At the same time, Aarti and religious rituals will take place in every temple.

There is an appeal to the general public that on this day, consider the village in which they are staying as Ayodhya and consider the temple in which they are staying as Ram temple and participate in the program. According to the Sangh, when Lord Ram returned to Ayodhya after fourteen years, our society is celebrating Diwali till today. This time Ram will visit the palace of his own birthplace after almost five hundred years. In such a situation, the entire society will celebrate Deepotsav in the evening of 22 January.

A model of Ram temple of Ayodhya will be built on the main road of the capital Ranchi, where Durga Puja takes place. Pandal will be prepared in the form of Ram Darbar. Ramesh Singh, head of Chandrashekhar Club and member of BJP State Working Committee, said that a two-day program will be held on the Main Road. Separate programs have been scheduled for January 21 and January 22. According to the programs decided in Ram Darbar

21 January 2023: Kar Sevaks will be honoured, Delhi theater artists will stage the biography of Ramchandra ji, Bhajan evening by Swati Mishra and Priya Singh.

22 January 2023: Recitation of Hanuman Chalisa and Sunderkand from 10 am, distribution of Kheer Bhog, evening.

Like the Aarti in Ayodhya at 4.30 pm, 15 priests from Banaras will perform the Aarti, there will be bhajan evening by Shiv Kumar Bikku, Nisha Upadhyay, Anupama Yadav, Arvind Akela Kallu, Ludhiana singer Mona Mehta etc.

On January 22, tableaux from various temples of the city will reach the main road. Temples are being invited for this. There will be tableaus of Ram, Lakshman, Sita and other gods and goddesses from the temples. This will attract a lot. 

According to BJP State Working Committee member Ramesh Singh, the two-day program will continue continuously. BJP State Working Committee member Ramesh Singh said that on January 22, Kheer Bhog will be distributed among more than 50 thousand people. The ingredients from which kheer will be made will be collected from SC-ST settlements of different areas of Ranchi city. After this, kheer will be made from these ingredients.

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