Pregnant woman denied operation dies while being taken to Ranchi

Gumla, Aug 20: The Sadar Hospital in Gumla continues to be in the news
for its wrong doing and this time a woman and her unborn child ended
up losing their lives as the doctors at the Sadar hospital denied to
do an operation.

The woman Janki Devi of Sijang village of Palkot block had lost her
child in her womb due to which her situation was critical and instead
of taking out the dead fetus from her womb the doctors at Sadar
Hospital in Gumla referred her to Ranchi RIMS. However the woman died
while being rushed to Ranchi.

Family members of the woman said that they had reached the Gumla
hospital from Palkot in the morning and there was delay in
investigation at the Sadar Hospital after which she was referred to
RIMS. They said that they pleaded the doctors to carry out the
operation in Gumal itself as they suspected that getting to Ranchi
would take time which could have an impact on the life of the woman.
But since the doctors raise their hands the family was left with no
option but to take her to Ranchi but unfortunately she died in the
vehicle itself. The husband of the woman Munna Rai said that there are
all facilities for operation in Gumla Sadar Hospital and there is also
a woman doctor who could have done the operation and if the dead baby
would had been taken out in Gumla itself than his wife would have been

On the other deputy superintendent of the hospital RN Yadav said that
the woman was brought at 9 in the morning where after investigation it
was found that her child had died in the womb. She said that since the
condition of the woman was critical therefore the woman doctor did not
took the risk and referred her to Ranchi and she  died on the way in
which the hospital was no where at fault.

Upon receiving information regarding the death of the woman MLA
Shivshankar Oraon, Director Health Sumant Mishra, DC Shravan Sai
reached the hospital and inquired into the matter and also held a
meeting with the doctors and other medical staff of the hospital. They
asked the hospital to improve its working while the director of health
services said that post investigation a report would be sent to the
higher officials.

The MLA said that due to the negligence on the part of the hospital
children are dying and there was a need to change the system and the
government should take necessary action. Director Health Sumant Mishra
said that there was no lack of amenities in the hospital and the staff
has been instructed to make sure that patients do not face any

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