Praveen Togadia calls for development of the Hindus

Ranchi: On the third and final day of the tour to the state
International President of Vishwa Hindu Parishad stressed on the need
for development of the Hindus and stated that over the past 70 years
both the country and the Hindus have only witnessed destruction and
not development.
Speaking at the state office of the VHP here he said that despite 70
years of Independence 19 crore people in the country do not food to
eat, 22 crore people are suffering from diabetes while 20 crore people
are hit with blood pressure. 15 crore youth are unemployed and more
than four lakh farmers have committed suicide.
Mr Togadia said that Hindus of the country should get quality
education and employment. He said that he was a leader of not 125
crore people but 100 crore Hindus of the state who talks from his
heart and not mind. In an attack on the present day situation of the
country he said that in 1975 he had filled a form in Rs 300 and done
MBBS while now people are shelling out Rs 1 crore to become doctors
which raises serious questions as to is this the India which we have
Mr Togadia advocated that the government should have control over the
private schools in the country and they should be asked to make sure
that they can not increase the prices as per their choice. He
suggested that the government should ensure that out of 30 students 10
should belong to the poor family who should study in the schools by
paying less fee and the practise has already commenced in Gujarat.
Over the Ram Mandir issue he said that the temple would be constructed
soon. When asked about lewd music being played during religious events
he said that the energy which be utilised for positive things however
one or two stray incidents do not convey much.

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