Politics of hatred is being spread to divert attention from issues of inflation and unemployment: Avinash Pandey

Ranchi: Jharkhand Pradesh Congress Committee in charge Avinash Pandey while addressing the Jai Bharat Satyagraha Sabha said that the politics of hatred is being spread to divert attention from the issue of inflation and unemployment. He said that no one showed courage to oppose the wrong policies of the ruling central government.

Pandey said that their leader Rahul Gandhi opposed the wrong policies of the central government from the road to parliament in 8 years. From time to time he boldly asked questions to the Central Government and if needed, he also went out on the road alone. Whether it is the black law brought for the farmers, Tughlaqi decree like demonetization or issues like GST. He said that today the country’s economy is in ruins.

The effect of inflation is not limited to Delhi and is affecting all the poor, farmers, labourers and common citizens of the village. He called upon the workers to gear up for the 2024 elections. The state in-charge said that Rahul Gandhi’s message has to be taken to every house and the BJP government at the Center has to be uprooted in 2024. Addressing the Jai Bharat Satyagraha Sabha, State Congress President Rajesh Thakur said that today the whole country is going through a crisis. 

Efforts are being made to crush the constitution given by Babasaheb and to divert attention from inflation, and unemployment, a war is being fought in the name of religion. He is said that those whose family members sacrificed their lives to save the country, today their homes were snatched away. He said that earlier the country was being run by East India Company, today Adani’s company wants to run it.

The state president said that Congress has built the country, today it will have to save it. He said that the Satyagraha of the Congress will continue till the truth does not prevail. Addressing the program, Health Minister Banna Gupta said that the central government wants to destroy democratic values through ED, CBI. CCL, BCCL, ECL, LIC, SBI and other undertakings are being privatised and when the Congress party is raising its voice its leader Rahul Gandhi is being harassed in various ways.

He said that the Congress party is not going to be spoiled by someone’s spoiling and the fight for honor will continue. During the program, the Congressmen paid tribute to the education minister of the state, Jaggarnath Mahato by keeping a two-minute silence for the peace of his soul. 

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