Police arrested five cyber criminals in Giridih

Giridih :  Five cyber criminals have been arrested from Giridih. All the cyber criminals used to deceive people by posing as India Post payment personnel and withdrawing money from their accounts. Many times they used to do this by sending fake links to SBI. After their arrest, many things including a motorcycle, phone, SIM card have been recovered from them.

The cyber criminals who have been arrested include Abdul Haleem, Mohammad Minhaj, Pawan Kumar Mandal, Sujit Kumar Mandal and Prashant Murari. Cyber police have recovered a motorcycle, 6 mobiles, 25 SIM cards, 5 ATMs, 3 passbooks, 4 PAN cards and many other items from the criminals.

SP Deepak Sharma said that some cyber criminals are cheating common people by using fake SIMs in Jamjori of Gandey police station area. After this information, it was formed under the leadership of Deputy Superintendent of Police Cyber Sandeep Suman.

The team raided the said site and arrested five cyber criminals. The arrested criminals have admitted to committing cyber fraud in their statement. 

The SP said that 166 cyber criminals have been arrested in the last four months. Whereas 376 mobile phones and 439 SIMs have been recovered.

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